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Technical Support Services for the School of Computer Science

Services We Provide

These services are available to Computer Science Staff and Students only.

All services must be used in full compliance with the UCD Acceptable Usage Policy

For more information on any of our services please contact cstech@ucd.ie.

Cloud Computing

The School can provide a Linux or Windows virtual server to support your teaching, research, or project work. This server may have a hostname of your choosing and a public IP address. You will also be given full administrative (or root) access on the server. All assigned virtual servers must be operated in full compliance with UCD's Acceptable Usage Policy [more info]. Any breach of this policy will result in immediate removal of the service. The VM service is currently only available to Staff, Research Postgrads (PhDs), and final year undergraduate students. To request a VM, please complete this [form].

Website Hosting

The School can provide a web space for your teaching, research, or project work. You can upload a static webpage to this space or manage its content with a CMS, e.g. WordPress, Drupal. You will be responsible for the design, content, and management of this website. We can also offer MySQL/Postgres database to support custom made sites. All sites will be hosted over https with a valid SSL cert. This web hosting service is currently limited to Staff, Research Postgrads (PhDs), and final year undergraduate students. To request a webspace please complete this [form]

Linux General Compute Servers

The School has available several powerful Linux servers on which you can run code (e.g. gcc, Python, Perl, ruby, rust, and more), host web files, and use databases (MySQL, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL), or just to get some experience with Linux. To request an account on one of these Linux servers, please complete this [form]. For more CPU/Memory intensive computation that require longer run times we would recommend using the High-Performance Computing Cluster. For more information about High-Performance Computing Cluster options, please contact cstech@ucd.ie

High-Performance Computing

UCD Research IT provide a wide range of services to the UCD Research community in relation to the provisioning and use of High Performance Computing Clusters. The HPC environment is ideal for researchers who need access to substantial computing resources, allowing them to greatly reduce the time required to perform large scale calculations. GPU Compute servers are also available here. For more information on Computer Science High Perfomance Clusters please contact cstech@ucd.ie

Get Technical Support

Having a problem with your computer, the network, or software? Log a call with the School tech support team [here]. For any hardware faults the owner of the machine should contact the manufacturer or supplier first, as any attempt to fix hardware without their consent may invalidate the warranty. There is a separate point of support for coursework related queries, which is the Computer Science Support Centre [more info]

Buying a Laptop

The School of Computer Science does not require a particular computer make/model, configuration, or operating system for its coursework. Most laptops bought within the last 2-3 years should be more than adequate. If you are considering purchasing something new we recommend an i5 or i7 CPU and 8GB RAM. Discounts are available to UCD students for Dell and Apple computers [more info].

Borrow a Laptop

The School provides a PC laptop loan service. This service is limited to Computer Science staff, undergraduate, and taught postgraduate students only. Students may borrow a laptop for a class, a day, or while their computer is being repaired or replaced. Please note that demand for these laptops is high so the loan period is on an as needed basis, and is strictly limited to a maximum of two weeks. If you would like to borrow a laptop please email cstech@ucd.ie

Network Access

UCD provides two wireless networks 'UCD Wireless' and 'Eduroam'. UCD Wireless is an open-access unsecured network with limited internet access. We recommend using Eduroam which is a secure network with a variety of open ports. See [here] for a guide to accessing Eduroam. Wired Ethernet access is also available. (The Ethernet interface of the computer must be registered with IT Services, see [here]). If you have any questions or issues connecting to the UCD Networks, please contact cstech@ucd.ie

Software Downloads

The School can provide a limited set of software packages which include Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10; Microsoft Visio, Project and Visual Studio; Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat 9 Pro, Dreamweaver CS5, and Matlab. The licenses for this software permit usage by computer science staff and students. To request this software please complete this [form]. More software is available from [link]

Overleaf Professional

Overleaf Professional aims to make the process of writing, collaborating, and publishing scientific documents in LaTeX faster and easier. It offers a Rich Text browser-based editor that allows direct code editing, and provides templates for major journals. Multiple writers can collaborate simultaneously on a document with automatic saving and advanced history and version control. This service is available to Computer Science staff and PhD students only. To request an overleaf professional account, please email cstech@ucd.ie

Server Hosting

Ordering a new server? We can advise on spec and source suppliers. Once the server arrives we can rack, cable, install, and configure your server as per your requirements. Servers can be hosted in the UCD Data Centre or the Computer Science Server room. Both facilities are designed to provide physical security and high-availability. Contact cstech@ucd.ie for more detail on server hosting options.

Mailing Lists

Various research, staff and teaching mailing lists are available for use by staff and PhD students. For a list of mailing lists, or to be added to a mailing list, please contact cstech@ucd.ie. We can also create mailing lists for your research group, project, or unit. Please note that all group email communications with undergraduate and taught postgraduate students should be sent via UCD's Targeted Communication System [more info]. It is also a school policy that these emails relate to academic matters only. Job offers, work experience etc. should be forwarded to UCD Careers.

System Monitoring

We can monitor your server or application to ensure fast detection of potential issues relating to its performance, availability, and security. We can also monitor websites for defacement. To avail of this service, please email cstech@ucd.ie with your server hostname, operating system, services, and any other relevant details. You will be required to install a monitoring agent on your server and open a port on your firewall.

Fouth Year Projects

This is a bespoke content management system developed by cstech to manage the submission and allocation of Fourth Year Student Projects [link]. Staff can submit project proposals here. Once all projects are approved, fourth-year students can access the system and select ten projects in order of preference. UCD Connect accounts should be used to access this system. Each student will receive an email notification when a project is assigned a project. If you have any difficulty with this system please contact cstech@ucd.ie

Printing Services

The School has several colour printers and copiers available for use by staff and PhD students. For a full list of printers and details on how to connect, please email cstech@ucd.ie. Any printer issues or requests for supplies, e.g. paper, toner should also go to cstech@ucd.ie. Students who need printing facilities should go to the Bureau Newman Building (Arts) in the J/K Area or to Smurfit Business School, Oval Room. Computer science labs do not have printers [more info].

School Website

The school website [link] runs on a Drupal content management system. All Staff and PhD students have access to the content management system and can update their profiles and selected pages. If you would like to add content to the site such as news, blogs, course information, research information, please email cstech@ucd.ie. The content management system also allows the feeding of content to the screen in the school foyer. If you would like to display content on the foyer screen, please email cstech@ucd.ie

Secure Server Computing

Unfortunately, no server is entirely hack-proof, but the risk can be mitigated significantly by implementing some basic security measures such as strong passwords, enabling a firewall, keeping system software up-to-date. For detailed advice or assistance with securing your server, please email cstech@ucd.ie. We can also perform a vulnerability scan of the server to identify potential security issues and advise on how to rectify them. We also recommend availing of the school server monitoring service which can help detect potential security issues.

Secure Client Computing

At a minimum, your computer needs to have automatic system updates enabled, malware protection installed, and a strong password. If practical, we would also recommend enabling your system firewall and encrypting your hard disk. Encryption is mandatory for computers which hold personal or sensitive data, e.g. staff or students records. Beyond this, you should adhere to best practice when using internet services such a the web, email etc. . [more info]. UCD also provides a secure VPN service for Staff [more]. If you need advice or have any security issues, please contact cstech@ucd.ie

Moodle (VLE)

CS Moodle [link] is the Virtual Learning Environment used by the School of Computer Science. Here you will find news, course materials and notes, and assignments related to your chosen modules. Moodle can be accessed with your UCD Connect account. Note that some modules are hosted on UCD's general VLE Brightspace. Your lecturer will make it clear which VLE you should use for their module. Lectures who need a new module setup on CS Moodle should complete this [form]. For all other issues with Moodle, please contact cstech@ucd.ie


CodeRunner is a question type plug-in available in CSMoodle. This plug-in allows lecturers and teaching assistants to set programming assignments in which students are presented with a problem and asked to submit the code solution directly to Moodle. Once submitted, the code is run and graded in real-time. CodeRunner currently supports Python2 (considered obsolescent), Python3, C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript (NodeJS), Octave and Matlab. The architecture allows an easy extension to other languages [more info]. If you have any questions about or issues using Coderunner, please contact cstech@ucd.ie

Urkund Plagiarism Detection

Urkund is a plagiarism detection plug-in for CSMoodle [more info]. Urkund is a fully automated plagiarism detection system that works by matching assignment submissions against published materials, internet content, and previously submitted assignments. [More info]. Urkund does not work for code or compressed files, e.g. zip,tar. The Urkund service can also be used outside of moodle. Simply email the file to paul.martin.ucd@analysis.urkund.com, you will then receive a reply with a plagiarism report for that file. For more advice on using Urkund please contact cstech@ucd.ie

GitLab EE

The School of Computer Science hosts its own GitLab Enterprise Edition service. GitLab EE provides an online space to host and manage your code. The service also provides additional features designed to help manage the software development lifecycle. These include code sharing, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds, wikis and other tools for 'social coding'. You can register for an account with your UCD email address [here].

Building Access Cards

Entrance to the Computer Science Building before 8.30am and after 6.30pm requires an access card. Access cards and keys are available for staff and research postgraduate students only. To request a card, please contact cstech@ucd.ie. A request form must be filled out and signed plus a deposit of €40 is payable before cards and keys can be obtained. Your deposit will be refunded when you return the card/key. All use of the access cards is traceable, so the card is for your use only. Lost/stolen cards/keys must be reported to tony.ogara@ucd.ie. Lost/stolen cards are subject to a €6 replacement fee.

Hardware Procurement

For the procurement of IT hardware or software, please contact cstech@ucd.ie with the item, supplier, and your research code. Purchasing of IT equipment from the School account will require approval by the head of School. For PC and Mac, the UCD suppliers are Dell and CompuB or Wriggle. Purchases between €5,000 to €24,999 require three written quotes. For miscellaneous hardware, our preferred suppliers are Komplett.ie and DCB Group. We cannot order from Amazon or eBay.

All the services must be used in full compliance with the UCD Acceptable Usgae Policy